Monkey at my window..!

Today my sleep got interrupted due to my wife’s request to check the kitchen. She is in doubt that somebody is there in the kitchen & noise of plates coming form there. I am in confusion after the tiered deep sleep. She told it could be monkey. I am not surprised, I know there are some monkeys used to visit our neighbors. Sometimes our waste basket outside flat will be thrashed by somebody, doubt is on that monkeys.

I was not knowing what to do, my wife asked to make load noise & get something in hand & hit it. I requested back her, to make noise & check. She left out of bedroom making some noise. There is a final sound of our water bottle dropping down & the monkey went out. We closed the kitchen window and cleaned kitchen.

There are similar fun incident happened  in most of my friend’s flats,  who are living in flats in different location within 10km range. How it is possible for such a place where there is no forest around. Where these monkeys are coming? and where they are going back.

The actual side of the story is different. Actually monkey is not in our window, but we are on their homes. The area we stay is near to a lake & it was a forest long back (as usual). First there came a highway to connect two states. Then adjacent to that they built rail. The easy accessibility & land availability brought industrialists there. Politicians (Government) given the entire land on free (lease), against job for their citizen. They build factories & invited people there to work. Considering the complete potential for a industrial area, they build congested flats & given away at a high price. They built schools around the area, and made it is only affordable for those who earns 6 digit monthly income. They made hotels, malls around it. They paid their employees will & created options around to spent the money around senselessly.

“Only when  the last tree has died & the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money”

The same morning I got this message, which I thought is relevant. I think we should think of this very deeply. We are in run to make cleaner, faster & smarter cities, but we need to think where are building it & what are the long distance effects of it? We should device a mitigation plan to this.


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