Digital Vishu Kaineetam

Happy Vishu to all Malayalees (Keralites). Wishing a great year ahead.

When I look back several years, it was a very different feeling for this day (Vishu). A lot of excitement about new cloths, vishu kaineetam, crackers, relatives & vishu sadhya. Vishu is really a celebration of families, the number of people increases the happiness & positivity increases. Now a days excitement is limited to movies & TV.

We start the day by viewing the Vishu Kani, which is a great symbol of prosperity, wealth & prayer. Vishu Kani is what kick starts our year. Lets look at the modern days and how Vishu Kani is relevant. Since visuals or images makes long lasting impacts in our brain,  trainers & high impact professional coaches advise us to create a collache of goals and see it when you get up first & last when you go to bed. This is to make the brain focused to our ultimate goal and pushing us to achieving it. This images reminds us about out purpose, helps us avoid distraction & stay focused. I look at Vishu Kani in the same way. Elements like gold, silver, new cloths, Kan mashi, Sindooram are symbols of prosperity of physic. Elements like vegetables, fruits, rice, coconut are for prosperity of health. Mirror & Load Sri Krishna connects us with the emotional or intellectual well being.

In a nut shell I believe Vishu Kani is a sum of our future exceptions or goal about physical, financial & intellectual well being. Hope the Vishu Kani enable us to visualise our goals & work towards that in the new year.

This is year, I hope all Vishu Kaineetam will be transferred through PayTM/FreeCharge/BHIM etc. Offcourse I believe this year nobody will use their hard earned “black money” for Vishu kaineetm.

Note: All the views express are my personal opinion only.


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