#01 – Disrupting Transportation – Introduction

As a technology enthusiastic & automobile engineer it is high time for me to talk about the future of mobility (here mobility is strictly synonymous to transportation).  Automotive industry is in a super interesting intersection, where the entire concept of mobility or transpiration is orbit shifting to a new eco system powered by technology.

You might have read social media messages about the fossil fuel availability breaking off and penetration of electric vehicles (EVs) and ultimate disruption by fully autonomous (AVs) cars. You might have already heard about Mr. Tony Seba’s predication about the global transformation of transportation. The same resonated in India as NITI Aayog’s Transformative Mobility Solution for India study. Both have common projections about the future of mobility. In Indian context, the challenges & opportunities are different form Mr. Tony Seba’s views.  But both interests in many areas of future mobility.

This series of article spread in different chapters. For better understanding & context setting. Here I will be summarising various views including NITI Aayog, Mr. Tony Seba & various agencies into 4 main parts.

Disrupting Transportation Types
Categories of Disruption in Transportation

In the mobility industry the disruption is around the corner & all set to transform in about 10 years. We all witness the disruption & we will get benefitted from it, as same as the disruptive businesses around the world. I would like to classify the disruption in 4 ways in automobile industry.


I will discuss about each on in detail in coming chapters. I will discuss about the key drivers, trend & challenges of each disruption in the industry. Moreover this article will cover various emerging technologies enable fast pace disruption in mobility. Like cloud computing, IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, LiDAR, Computer Vision, GPU, etc.


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